Maddie loves to pretend she has a job. The number 1 place she wants to work is Penney’s–because it’s where her bus aide works, Lynn. It could be argued the most important person in her life is the bus aide, since she spends so much time with them on her way home.

Maddie has had a number of these aides and for the most part they’ve been great. Lynn is at the top of this list, as she has built a really strong bond with Maddie over the past year.

School systems have a lot to consider and I’m pretty understanding of this, but the thing that I’ve been most frustrated about is the how many different bus aides and drivers she has had over the past 5 years. The special needs kids love the bus more than any others, but they need a good environment to feel this way. It’s amazing to me how many times the school system has hired people for Maddie’s bus who had a sour disposition. I’m not a new-age type person, but you need to bring a positive energy when you work with kids with developmental disabilities.

I dedicate today’s video to all the great bus drivers and aides who work with kids like Maddie.