Quotes about the Show

My name is Scott Long. I’ve been a nationally touring standup comedian for the past 2 decades. For the past 10 years I have written for a network TV show. I am now trying to bring these comedic experiences to raise awareness for people with special needs. I am the parent of a beautiful 10 year old daughter named Madeline. She is on the autism spectrum. I have written a 1 person show (It’s an Autism Thing: Let Me Help You Understand) based on being a parent of a child with special needs.

Scott is a true class act and absolutely hilarious. His material is ahead of its time, relevant, and the manner of his presentation is humble, yet captivating. Molly Lang: Autism Coordinator–Noble Services

Thank you very much for your funny, honest, and inspirational show. It was funny and heartwarming. You Rock!  Diane Szewczyk-Smith: Development Director–Moka Foundation of Michigan

Long’s one-man show mixes both material suited for one of his stand-up routines and rather intriguing anecdotes about what it’s like to be a father of an autistic child. He handles heavy subjects such as fertility problems, raising a child with special needs, and his own somewhat-troubled relationship with his father with an acute sense of humor, making it okay to laugh at situations that could otherwise make the audience uncomfortable. Long had the audience roaring for the majority of the show as delivered his jokes with the kind of honesty that can be mastered only by a man who has truly learned to sit back and take life as it comes. He spoke so fondly of his autistic daughter Maddie that one couldn’t help but want to meet the little girl. His stories of her ranged from the hilarious (she has difficulty pronouncing the letter “g,” which is problematic when your dog is named “Angus”) to the heartwarming (she judges people only by the way that they treat her, and if someone is particularly nice to her, she will talk about them endlessly for days). Long sprinkles photos of his kids throughout his set, and the final one, a photo of him and his three adorable children, laughing so hard that their eyes are closed, says more about his family than any joke could. (Review from Indianapolis Monthly)

Anyone whose family has been touched by having a member with a disability surely knows that a sense of humor can be an important tool in maintaining balance and perspective. Scott Long brings you into his family’s world, and with humor lets you know that things can be alright. If laughter is the best medicine, chances are you’ll feel a lot better by the time Scott’s show is over. Michael Furnish: President/CEO of the Special Olympics of Indiana

The audience loved Scott’s 1 person show! Gilda’s LaughFest (Biggest comedy festival in the Midwest)

Scott Long’s comedy embodies the phrase “Laughter makes the best medicine.” In this worrisome world of case conferences, IEP’s, calls from school, supplements, special diets, endless appointments, politics, surefire “cures”, and so on, it’s easy to lose one’s sense of humor. Scott is a parent who understands all of this and shows us that it’s OK to laugh! In fact, it feels great. Mary Roth: Lead Ally–Autism Society of Indiana