Maddie and her new headphones.

Maddie and her new headphones.


Maddie had gone 4 years without getting on a bike because the last one we got her she constantly struggled with and she ended up falling and hurting herself pretty badly the last time. (This included bumping her front baby teeth and making them wobbly.) She spent the past 4 years feeling jealous of typically developing kids like her brother and sister who rode their bikes with no problems. Maddie wanted to ride something so much that for xmas we got her a rip rider. (a big wheel type trike which can spin in the back) Even though she was a good foot too big for this, she still has enjoyed it for the past few months, but it was time to have her try something her own size.

So I researched all around to find a recumbent bike (adult trike type) that was sturdy, but somewhat affordable. (Around 400 bucks instead of the 1k-2k offerings that were the price tag for most of them.) We got the delivery from Amazon and Maddie was over the moon. It was the 1st thing she has ever gotten that she thought was cool. You read that right, THE 1ST PRESENT IN HER WHOLE LIFE THAT SHE WAS PROUD OF. Like her the 3 wheeler was different than anything else on the block, but was gorgeous and hard to take your eyes off of.

You will see the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat that happened over a few days period. She ends up having an accident that causes her to violently bang her mouth on the concrete, popping out her big, beautiful 2 front teeth. After reinserting them a couple hours later, the best case scenario is that she would keep for a couple of years. The pain was immense. The cost will be just as shocking to the system, as I suspect we are looking at around 10 grand when the whole process is over. Oh and who knows how she will manage false teeth when it comes time to have to put them in.

Sorry to use this post as a bitch-fest, but it’s the world our family lives in. I’m tired of how my girl never seems to catch a break. I really appreciate the kind things people have offered up after seeing the video. That does make it a little better:) Ultimately, like so many families of kids with disabilities, we will push on through the emotional and financial costs that life seems to constantly push our way. We have no choice because my girl Maddie deserves the best we can manage.